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Who is S.K.?

STEFFI KÜTT is a Lifestyle brand Shaiana Talia Created inspired by her grandmother, STEFANIE KÜTT. 

Stefanie was born in Frankfurt, Schweinheim Germany in 1955 in the bathtub of her childhood home. She moved to the United States at age 16 where she later fell in love with her highschool honey, Lawernce Smith. 

Both Lawrence and Stefanie share an Eclectic Style influenced by the 70's when it comes to fashion and lifestyle. Stefanie's European style gives a classy twist on the 70's wardrobe. While loving bright colors such as green, yellow, and white on occasion, Stefanie loves a good, classic, black outfit.

STEFFI KÜTT is a timeless luxury lifestyle brand, that encourages everyone to live life to their fullest potential no matter the circumstance. 

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